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Get fit while you sit! Anyone from expecting mothers, office workers to seniors are able to do this work out! There are incredible effects and possibilities with Chair Yoga.

Everyone is going crazy for the fit lifestyle nowadays. Different workouts, fitness classes, healthy foods, protein shakes, smoothie bowls… All this can be so overwhelming and yet, who wouldn’t like to get in shape and stay healthy?

As good as it sounds, it’s not that easy. To combine a good fitness schedule with already long working hours is incredibly challenging. Long working hours, extra projects, and quality time with your family… Not to mention an extra hour drive to the fitness club on the other side of the city.

Let’s cheer up! The newest fitness trend Chair Yoga is perfect for everyone! It is also known as ‘Get fit while you sit’. Chair Yoga is a perfect choice for expectant mothers, people working long hours at the office, students in the classroom to fitness professionals and seniors. Chair Yoga is also known to be the best treatment for the health conditions, such as injuries, disabilities and chronic diseases.

What is Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a gentle and relaxing form of Yoga. It is practiced while sitting on the chair or using the chair for support. The poses for Chair yoga are taken from even more traditional forms of Yoga, known as Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga teaches the mastery of body movements in order to achieve spiritual calmness and relaxation. It helps you concentrate deeply on your body movements, while withdrawing any external factors and achieving spiritual perfection. Hatha Yoga movements are practiced in order to develop flexibility, strength, bodily relaxation and mental concentration.

The origins of Chair Yoga poses date back to 5,000 years ago. And here is an interesting fact: The first Yoga poses  were transcribed on fragile palm leaves. Therefore, both Yoga and Chair Yoga come from Hindu  philosophy.

The idea of Chair Yoga postures was firstly discovered to support those in need. So, the idea was born in order to give a possibility for people who would like to do Yoga, but have difficulties with extreme movements.

Particularly, Chair Yoga poses were targeted at senior citizens. Also, at citizens who struggle with weight challenges or anyone who is suffering from a recent or chronic injury.

Nowadays, a Chair Yoga sequence is adapted to different citizens with different preferences. It  suits everyone from fitness fanatics, hard working people in the office, expecting mothers or students in our Garden.

Every TUESDAY & THURSDAY 8 am with Gladys