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5 Great Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Creating a life inside of you comes with a lot of body changes, including aches and pains you had never experienced before, swollen joints, lots of extra weight and posture changes.
Prenatal Massage not only helps moms-to-be feel good and relaxed, but it gives them relief from many of the discomforts that pregnancy brings, as well as several health benefits, as much for them as for their unborn babies.

When is it safe to get a prenatal massage?

Pregnant women should avoid massages during the first three months of pregnancy, since it may trigger dizziness and worsen morning sickness symptoms.
In this way it is safe to receive prenatal massages from the second trimester on.
Here are a few ways in which prenatal massages can help make pregnancy lighter.

5 Great Benefits of Prenatal Massage

1. Increases Circulation

Pregnancy brings several changes to the circulatory system, amongst these, it increases the risk of clots.
Prenatal massage moves the blood through the body preventing it from pooling. It also helps increase the blood flow and keeps your lymphatic system working correctly, which is essential during pregnancy.

In order to obtain these benefits long-term, it is recommended to get a prenatal massage every two weeks.

2. Decreases Swelling

Prenatal massage helps dramatically reduce swelling on legs, feet and hands—caused by the increased pressure on the major blood vessels and the reduced circulation.

During prenatal massage soft tissue is stimulated, and extra fluid is moved, helping you relieve swelling and making you feel more comfortable.
Pregnant women who receive regular Prenatal Massages have less chance of suffering from swelling.

3. Promotes Better Sleep

A high percentage of pregnant women struggle with getting adequate sleep.
During the first months, rushing hormones can cause insomnia, and during the later months it’s the back pain, leg cramps, and the growing belly that makes sleeping harder.

Prenatal massage helps increase serotonin levels, which is related to better sleep quality. It also provides relaxation and reduction of pain, both contributors to a good night sleep.

4. Helps Relieve Lower Back Pain

Prenatal massage is a natural way to reduce the different kinds of pain experienced during pregnancy, such as sciatic nerve pain, shoulders, upper back and lower back pain.

During the Prenatal Massage session tight muscles are addressed and relaxed, massage increases blood flow and helps relieve the accumulated tension that causes pain.

5. Gets Your Body Ready for Labor and Birth

Prenatal massage works effectively on helping you have an easier delivery and lowering the risk of developing postnatal depression, according to studies.

It also helps lower stress levels, and keep your muscles toned and relaxed before labor starts.

What is our Prenatal Massage like?

Prenatal Massage at Clinical Massage & Spa Aruba includes a relaxing aromatherapy session using pregnancy safe oils, as well as a professional massage to help ease muscular tension and provide multiple health benefits.
Book your appointment right here, and get ready for a wonderful prenatal experience!

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aruba clinical massage and spa

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