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It is not body care, it is full care

FloAdvisor #14: Benefits of Body Wrap

A body wrap is a spa treatment created to enhance the health and appearance of skin or reduce body measurements

FloAdvisor #13: TuiNa Massage: an oriental beauty secret

Tuina massage is esthetical and therapeutic, it helps to revitalize your face making you look younger, less likely to get wrinkles, fights flaccidness, benefits skin hydration and strengthens it.

FloAdvisor #12: Tips to protect your Skin in Aruba

If we expose our skin to sun and heat, we can experience unfavorable effects. You can spend a lot of money in creams to keep your skin hydrated, but without drinking water or consuming the right food that will nurture your skin; your trip to Aruba may end up drying your skin. If you do not protect it, it will be more exposed to dryness.

FloAdvisor #11: The plant of immortality and the liquid gold of the gods

Aloe Vera is a very common plant in Aruba. The crystal of the Aloe Vera is used a lot in beauty treatment. Combining the crystal with the liquid gold of the gods, which is how the Egyptians called the honey, you will have an exceptional mixture to rehydrate your skin.

FloAdvisor #10: Detox Massage

Detox massages are a very powerful technique to purify the body, eliminate toxins, dead cells, fat and excess fluid from the body.

FloAdvisor #9: What does exfoliation do? A fresh skin, a radiant face

Clean, tonify, hydrate… and what happened with the exfoliation? After you have read this article, you will never forget in your hygiene routine to include exfoliation.

FloAdvisor #8: Benefit of Cupping Massage

Have you seen how cupping has become one of the techniques of massage favored by sports people? It is manly used for treating muscular pain, but this ancient technique is being used more and more in Spas to give wellbeing to their members.

FloAdvisor #7: Jet Lag Massage

A long trip by plane, boat or train can generates a tension in your skin that is reflected in liquid retention, therefore, your feet and ankles will get an inflammation, if in addition to this, the time zone change is added, then you will feel unwell, and that It is not the state you hope to have when you are on vacation.

FloAdvisor #6: Hot stones massage

Definitely, hot stones act on four fundamental aspects: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual rebalancing. Are you ready to try it? #ArubaClinicalMassageandSpa

FloAdvisor #5: Benefits of the Sea for your Health

Living on an island for a long time makes you lose sight of h how the sea is for your health, today I want to highlight some of the benefits that the sea brings into our health, maybe you already know them, but it is good to remember them, I leave you with my #FloFriday.

aruba clinical massage and spa

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