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The “magic hands” team

That’s not us saying it!!!!, no, no, no ..that’s what our clients think. And they say things like:
they want to take us with them back to their countries, they wish we were closer to home,
We totally understand, they feel a beautiful energy in our spa, and the reason is: “We are truly a family”

… It’s no coincidence that our spa feels like home



When you ask Flo: What does it make his massage so different?

He immediately says:

-“Just come and see it by yourself” ,

That’s how sure he is about his work!, …and no wonder why, Flo has developed his very own massage technique.

The guy comes from the martial arts world, he was trying to heal his pain when he started to discover different ways to do it – a new fast and effective massage technique, (soon enough …he faced another challenge). Let’s discover Flo’s new life:

Flo’s life changed the day he started helping patient with pain in Beijing Massage Hospital (China), that day Flo discovered his real mission, surrounding of Blind Doctors, he developed his ability to read through his fingers. When he saw the transformation in others, he started sharing his gift with others.


For this new man a new route was ahead. Flo began a new journey to improve his massage skills, Thailand, China, and several Asian masters of Tuina and Thai Massage appear in his life, like if the world was listening to him and his new mission.

A combination of his own experience with the millennial Asian techniques and the Caribbean transformed Flo (and his hands) into what he is today. Not an ordinary therapist but the creator of his own technique, named by his own customers as “Go with the Flo”.

Flo’s customers are pretty awesome too, they are open, and willing to share with the world their experience. See some TripAdvisor reviews:

Gifted Therapist

As a massage therapist myself for 27 years I am always apprehensive when I receive treatment in a resort location(…) I can honestly say Flo is one of the most gifted therapists I have experienced. He is well trained, highly skilled, intuitive and intelligent

Traveled from Kansas for Flo!!!

Me and my sister both received massages, mine from Flo! It was the best massage I ever received…my sister said the same! I suffer from Lupus, a chronic medical condition and haven’t felt this good in years! Thanks Flo! U were so gracious, professional and friendly. I cannot wait to return to your spa & Aruba!

Hot Stone Massage/ Chronic Migraines

 I had a half hour consult with Flo (Florian Gosset) for my chronic migraines, he was more than knowledgeable and helpful. I have to say that between the neck massage he gave me and the massage therapists I was free of my migraines for my entire vacation!!

Sharlene, – Head Receptionist

If you’ve visited our Clinical Massage & SPA at Playa Linda Beach Resort, you may recognize her smile! She puts her heart into every task she completes. If you need something Sharlene is the person who will help you. The beach is her favorite place, she loves pasta with shrimp and she drinks her coffee with milk and sugar.

tripadvisor review:

“Best Spa”

Excellent service, i wouldn’t go anywhere else, best massage and facial i’ve ever had. Extremely worth it


Farah is our little pearl, she is specialized in professional beauty makeover, bridal makeup and hair styling… and as if that were not enough, she is an amazing therapist.

tripadvisor review:

“Excellent service”

Had several massages done by Farrah while at Casa Del Mar. she is extremely professional and does everything possible to keep you safe. Her massages are excellent!!!! She also did a haircut and manicure while I was there. Both were outstanding. I would recommend Farrah to anyone. So glad to see they were open



tripadvisor review:

“Thank you ladies!”

Ladies and Gents, if you are staying at Casa Del Mar in Aruba, or anywhere in the area, you must check out Clinical Massage & Spa. The spa was very clean and inviting. From Jeniffer at the receptionist desk, to Farah from whom I received a mani and pedi, and Maira from whom I received a therapeutic, hot stone massage and facial, each one was very courteous and professional. Vacations are made for relaxation, and my experiences at this spa, made my vacation complete. I don’t treat myself like this often, and I am so glad I did! Thanks again!


Born and studied in Cuba in the National School of Arts (ENA) as a professional dancer, Gladys is establish in Aruba to raise her daughters, her passion for Movement bring her to Costa Rica when she finds YOGA, and fascinated for the human body she studied: Pain Release “Body Work”, Thai Yoga Massage, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Sport Massage. Also, she expands her knowledge when she studied Facials Treatment and became a Nails Technician. She loves to eat Mediterranee quinoa Salade…

tripadvisor review:

Best massage ever!

I just had the best massage of my life from Gladys Duarte at Clinical Massage and Spa at Casa Del Mar. I feel great! She also teaches the morning Chair Yoga class. She is so knowledgable and skilled, and was able to hone in on my neck and back issues She improved my range of motion, my breathing capacity and general ease of movement. I always look forward to my trip to Aruba and especially my massage from Gladys. She deserves 10 stars

Ellen P 


She learned the art of massage therapy in her country (Venezuela) while studying law at the university, from that moment she discovered her passion for caring and making everyone feel better. Also, she loves dancing.

tripadvisor review:


I want to say so many things about this special place, however to begin with, make an appointment for manicure and pedicure I was assigned to Genesis and she is such a beautiful being made me feel so great and beautiful, she recommended me a very special treatment to improve the appearance of my skin and make another appointment, a wrap and exfoliation, she was so special with every area of my body , 80 minutes of happiness and relaxation, I use special products for my face and everything was so accurate ! she’s definitely the best! Recommended


From Colombia she brings us all her enthusiasm and professionalism. In one sentence: powerful massage therapist

tripadvisor review:

“Best massage with Maira!!!”

I’ve had massages with Maira twice in Aruba and she is amazing! I’ve gotten massages many times and she is by far the best.

Lisa B 


aruba clinical massage &spa

Our Values

Our values are what allow us to fulfil a greater purpose than just being a spa business


Just try a massage and you will surely feel what distinguishes us


The spa reflects and transmits all the beautiful energy you want in your life


What we do we do it with excellence, there is no need to invent anything.


Our clients leave their body in our hands, the least we can do is to feel confident and secure


Your health is the reason of our spa


It’s not just body care, it’s full care, it’s listening to them.

more energized skin...

You deserve this too!

Nothing feels more moisturizing and restorative than our facials,  you know you deserve better circulation in your face, careful exfoliation, and to feel good! there is no reason to postpone a smoother skin, more luminosity.

THE MOST IMPORTANT FOR US is YOU, that's why we want to give you a
20% Discount Coupon for facial treatment, 
let us know where to send it to:

more energized skin...

You deserve this too!

Nothing feels more moisturizing and restorative than our facials,  you know you deserve better circulation in your face, careful exfoliation, and to feel good! there is no reason to postpone a smoother skin, more luminosity.

THE MOST IMPORTANT FOR US is YOU, that's why we want to give you a
20% Discount Coupon for facial treatment,
let us know where to send it to:

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