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The “magic hands” team

That’s not us saying it!!!!, no, no, no ..that’s what our clients think. And they say things like:
they want to take us with them back to their countries, they wish we were closer to home,
We totally understand, they feel a beautiful energy in our spa, and the reason is: “We are truly a family”

… It’s no coincidence that our spa feels like home



When you ask Flo: What does it make his massage so different?

He immediately says:

-“Just come and see it by yourself” ,

That’s how sure he is about his work!, …and no wonder why, Flo has developed his very own massage technique.

The guy comes from the martial arts world, he was trying to heal his pain when he started to discover different ways to do it – a new fast and effective massage technique, (soon enough …he faced another challenge). Let’s discover Flo’s new life:

Flo’s life changed the day he started helping patient with pain in Beijing Massage Hospital (China), that day Flo discovered his real mission, surrounding of Blind Doctors, he developed his ability to read through his fingers. When he saw the transformation in others, he started sharing his gift with others.


For this new man a new route was ahead. Flo began a new journey to improve his massage skills, Thailand, China, and several Asian masters of Tuina and Thai Massage appear in his life, like if the world was listening to him and his new mission.

A combination of his own experience with the millennial Asian techniques and the Caribbean transformed Flo (and his hands) into what he is today. Not an ordinary therapist but the creator of his own technique, named by his own customers as “Go with the Flo”.

Flo’s customers are pretty awesome too, they are open, and willing to share with the world their experience. See some TripAdvisor reviews:

Gifted Therapist

As a massage therapist myself for 27 years I am always apprehensive when I receive treatment in a resort location(…) I can honestly say Flo is one of the most gifted therapists I have experienced. He is well trained, highly skilled, intuitive and intelligent

Traveled from Kansas for Flo!!!

Me and my sister both received massages, mine from Flo! It was the best massage I ever received…my sister said the same! I suffer from Lupus, a chronic medical condition and haven’t felt this good in years! Thanks Flo! U were so gracious, professional and friendly. I cannot wait to return to your spa & Aruba!

Hot Stone Massage/ Chronic Migraines

 I had a half hour consult with Flo (Florian Gosset) for my chronic migraines, he was more than knowledgeable and helpful. I have to say that between the neck massage he gave me and the massage therapists I was free of my migraines for my entire vacation!!


She has a real passion for performing all treatments. She loves making our clients feel relaxed and enjoy their treatment, she takes great pride in providing the highest standard of service  to our clients. She loves food and one of her favourite dishes is steak and a good Coffee with sugar after her meal.

tripadvisor review:

“Perfect for a Relaxing Vacation”

Claudia was outstanding. I went for a deep tissue massage. She worked around my sunburn where I even felt like there wasn’t any on my back. She really worked my knots and knew exactly what to do and how handle them. When it was over I felt rejuvenated. Not to mention she’s also a sweetheart of a lady! Would love to go back again next time I’m in Aruba!


Passionate about massages since she was a little girl, tell her about your pain and she uses her strong hands to give you the massage therapy you need, not in vain the Clinical Massage and Spa clients call her the massage queen. She really fits so much in our team and developing every day her sense of helping our clients. As a good Aruban, she loves fish and she drinks her coffee with milk and sugar

tripadvisor review:

“Roxy the sport massage queen!”

Went for a complete sport massage for my very first time and it was delightfull. Came out back as a new person. 100% Recomended. Roxy!!

Sharlene, – Head Receptionist

If you’ve visited our Clinical Massage & SPA at Playa Linda Beach Resort, you may recognize her smile! She puts her heart into every task she completes. If you need something Sharlene is the person who will help you. The beach is her favorite place, she loves pasta with shrimp and she drinks her coffee with milk and sugar.

tripadvisor review:


The office staff are very friendly and you can walk right in or make appointments

Gloucester, Massachusetts


She is very ecstatic over the nail and beauty industry’s continuous improvements,  and her goal is offer these revolutionary changes to our clients. She is very perfectionist in her work, she looks at every detail and enjoys being creative. She also loves pasta, but she does not like it with brocoli and if it is coffee she always asks for a late

tripadvisor review:

“First time and won’t be our last”

My wife and I had a couple’s Hot Stone Massage. We enjoyed it immensely. It was her first and now she is hooked. Can’t wait to see them again in June.

Thank You to
Carmen & Evelyn

Anthony and Donna


One TripAdvisor client said: “Carmen really enjoys her work and making people feel their best for over 15 years.” and that is absolutely true, she has a healing hands and loves helping people torelax and be painless. Maybe her healing hands get stronger after having her favorite soup and coffee with sugar, that is what she really loves.

tripadvisor review:

“Best massage I’ve ever had, really, ever !”

Booking Carmen for any type of massage just might be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.
I visited the spa at the Playa Linda and was completely rejuvenated . I truly believe that she is a healer! I loved my Monday massage so much that I booked Thursday as well. GREAT!


Farah is our little pearl, she is specialized in professional beauty makeover, bridal makeup and hair styling… and as if that were not enough, she is an amazing therapist.

tripadvisor review:


Farrah gives the best massage I highly recommend her she knows how to unwind you.

 Gloucester, Massachusetts


Lyn does her job to give clients a relaxing experience and make them feel better about themselves. After after having a massage with her you are going to be walking on the air. Her voice has the power to relax and comfort you. She prepares a delicious tea, because she does prefers it rather than coffee and if it is about food, she chooses vegetables and fruits over pasta, so special is Lynn

tripadvisor review:

“Massaged Aruban style”

While on vacation at the Playa Linda, I had an 80 min. deep tissue massage with Lynn. I’ve had similar massages elsewhere before but this by far was the best ever. From literally head to toe, Lynn covered every inch of muscle. Lynn made all the stress go away!
Highly recommended!


aruba clinical massage &spa

Our Values

Our values are what allow us to fulfil a greater purpose than just being a spa business


Just try a massage and you will surely feel what distinguishes us


The spa reflects and transmits all the beautiful energy you want in your life


What we do we do it with excellence, there is no need to invent anything.


Our clients leave their body in our hands, the least we can do is to feel confident and secure


Your health is the reason of our spa


It’s not just body care, it’s full care, it’s listening to them.

stress free, pain free...

You deserve this too!

You deserve to be out of pain, you deserve to feel good, there is no reason to have neck thightness, or not looking the way you want, we believe in beauty beyond superficiality, we are not the traditional spa.

THE MOST IMPORTANT FOR US is YOU, that's why we want to give you a
10% of discount coupon,
let us know where to send it to:

stress free, pain free...

You deserve this too!

You deserve to be out of pain, you deserve to feel good, there is no reason to have neck thightness, or not looking the way you want, we believe in beauty beyond superficiality, we are not the traditional spa.

THE MOST IMPORTANT FOR US is YOU, that's why we want to give you a
10% of discount coupon,
let us know where to send it to: