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FloAdvisor #15: 5 Lavender Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Lavender is everyone’s favorite herb. People say that back in the day Cleopatra used lavender to seduce Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Nowadays lavender benefits go beyond its love effects, and they are scientifically proven.

Some of the most popular Lavender variants are, essential oil, cream, dry leaves, infusion, or tonic.

But, how are they used? And which are their magical benefits?

1. It gets rid of premenstrual symptoms

Using lavender essential oil through aromatherapy for periods of 10 to 35 minutes, has shown to reduce the annoying premenstrual symptoms. Say bye-bye to moodiness, anxiety, pain, bloating, irritability, and low mood.

2. It makes you sleep better than Morpheus

Lavender oil has sleep inducing effects that can naturally make you feel calm, and send you to a profound night’s rest.
All you have to do is put some lavender oil drops to your pillow before going to bed.

3. It is a pain killer

Due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, lavender works as a pain reliever.

You can get a massage with lavender oil for back and neck pain, or you can prepare an infusion with dry lavender leaves to relieve headache.

You’ll notice that it works when you no longer feel the need to take pills.

4. It makes your skin shine bright like a diamond

Lavender scrubs have more benefits for your skin than you can imagine. They help reduce redness, heal acne, treat eczema, treat psoriasis, speed up the healing of scar tissue and more.

5. It keeps your stomach happy

Lavender infusions are very helpful for digestive issues such as, nausea, intestinal gas, vomiting, abdominal swelling, and upset stomach.

You can obtain all the benefits of lavender at Clinical Massage & Spa Aruba!

aruba clinical massage and spa

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