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aruba clinical massage & spa

FloAdvisor #1: Good Posture

How many times have you been told “stand up straight” or “sit well”?

What do they mean? Is it even important? And if it is, why?

Flo will speaks today about good posture and explain us what is the right position in different situations:

-If you are sitting at work, watching TV, driving, on your computer or just eating …. instead of rolling forward to reach your computer, your book or your dish, bring your shoulder blade closer in a more neutral positions with the blades down and back should be straight, your shoulders back and your feet flat on the floor.
-If you stand still, try to maintain an upright posture, straight shoulders and feet together, it is advisable to change position every so often, avoid hands in pockets or leaning against the wall.
-While walking, keep the neck upright and head up, the step should start at the heel, supporting the tip at the end, this way we avoid cervical pain

A good body posture is key to looking good, you know, avoid looking bent and with a bulging belly, also a good posture has many benefits such as:

– Increase our performance in the day’s activities.
– Improve our breathing.
– A good body posture increases our concentration, since the brain receives a better oxygenation.
– Avoid muscle aches and contractures. Every Friday Flo will share some tips that will make us feel and look better




aruba clinical massage and spa

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