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FloAdvisor #10: Detox Massage

Detox massages are a very powerful technique to purify the body, eliminate toxins, dead cells, fat and excess fluid from the body.

What is lymph?

The lymph is a liquid composed of white blood cells, proteins, fats and salts. It is transported from the tissues to the blood through the lymphatic vessels.

Why do you need a lymphatic massage?

The lymphatic system does not have a pump that drives the lymph, it relies on muscular contractions to transport the fluids from the lymphatic vessels, to activate lymphatic circulation when the body makes daily or common movements.

This massage is different from the others, it is softer, and the therapist´s soft and gentle movements favor the lymphatic drainage. Slow, rhythmic movements are also used to trigger support reflexes.

Benefits of Detox Massage.

  • It has a sedative effect of pain (analgesic action).
  • It strengthens your immune system
  • It improves bruises and swelling
  • It improves intestinal motility
  • It reduces stress

The drainage of the lymph is better performed by the lymphoedema specialist when your body is completely relaxed, unfortunately you cannot do it by your own.

For this reason, the detox massage is of great value.

At your next spa appointment remember to order a Detox massage and activate the pumping action of the lymph! Book now

aruba clinical massage and spa

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