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aruba clinical massage & spa

Discover the Benefits of Massage Therapy for Emotional Healing

There is no secret how beneficial a good massage therapy can be for your body, and there are countless studies and researches that show the many substantial advantages massage therapy can offer.

Massage therapy helps heal:
•Physical wounds.
•Speeds recovery from injuries.
•Reduces scar tissue.
•Improves circulation.
•Reduces levels of tension and stress.

But did you know that massage therapy can also help you connect and heal emotional wounds?

This might come as a surprise, but just as tension and stress can be stored in muscles and tissue, emotions can also be stored inside our bodies. And there can be so many!

Emotional Release

Ever felt emotional at the massage table? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

While massage therapy is made to create feelings of relief, peace or increased relaxation, people may also experience a sudden rush of powerful emotion while receiving bodywork.

Whether it is grief, euphoria, anger, fear or sadness, the phenomenon is known as an emotional release.

The short explanation for emotional release is that because massage may access the soft tissues of the body deeply, that it can unlock emotional energy locked in those tissues.

How did all that emotion and energy end up there though? Throughout everyday life, we process tensions and stress differently and sometimes there are unpredictable ways in which our emotions manifest in our body.

A very stressful situation at work can lead you to tense your shoulders and neck, creating stiffness in those muscles, leading to pain.

Research has shown that long-term stress can cause anxiety that can show itself as teeth-clenching; leading to jaw and neck pain, and even severe headaches.

The good news is that there are two sides to this coin: just as emotional distress plays a role in physical tension, physical relief can also help alleviate emotional distress.

That’s when massage therapy comes into play!

The Therapeutic Side of Massages

Massage therapy can be therapeutic because it works on the edge of the mind and body, relieving physical pain through tension in the body.

While we help people to achieve relaxation and reconnect with themselves, we also help create a bridge between the mental and the physical helping you heal.

However, treating pain can be challenging, especially since pain is personal and derives from the specific experiences of each person.

It is common to wonder where to start. How do you make sure you are not doing more harm? How do you know if you are really healing?

When you stretch or get a massage, you open up the physical and emotional space in your body to heal.

It requires confidence and vulnerability, and that is why it is so important to choose specialized professionals to do your massage therapy.

Come to Clinical Massage & Spa and stay in the “Magic Hands” team of Aruba. With the training and experience to cover your needs, offering a wide variety of treatments for different goals.

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aruba clinical massage and spa

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