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FloAdvisor #3: Do you watch TV in bed?


Then you need to read these 3 tips so that it does not affect your health

We all love watching TV, We do it every day, a good movie, a Netflix series marathon… well, it’s part of our routine.

Although there are funnier things to do in bed, watching TV in bed is a common practice. Here I give you 3 tips so that watching TV in bed will not harm your posture.

Here I will give you 3 tips to avoid getting a back or neck pain and having a good posture.

1. Television location
The right TV location would be a little be higher than the height of the bed, but that would match your viewing angle.

2. Proper Posture
Although it seems innocuous, watching TV in the bed in the wrong position can cause lower back and dorsal area stress, which may result in severe back and neck pain. If you want to watch TV in bed do it like this:

Semi-bedded, with a straight back well supported on headboard or large cushion, a pillow under the knees, keeping the legs slightly bent.

3. Stretch and walk

If you have a Netflix marathon planned next weekend, do not forget to have stretch and walk breaks, thus increasing blood circulation will avoid muscle pain.

It is not necessary to take the TV out of the room, but it is important to improve your habits #FloAdvisor

aruba clinical massage and spa

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