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FloAdvisor #20: Reasons Why You Need a Manicure

Yes, the way your nails look says a lot about you. But a manicure has more to it than just a few capes of polish and a pretty design. The benefits of a manicure go beyond beauty, it is also good for your health and self esteem.

Getting a manicure every once in a while is a must because:

-It’s stress reliever

Going to get a manicure is like pressing a pause button.
It gives you a chance to unwind, let go of your problems, your to-dos, even your phone, and just relax for a little while.

It’s good for your health

A regular mani reduces the chances of developing fungi and other infections.
Our hands are exposed to different elements and products that we touch everyday, so a good exfoliation during manicure will remove all dead skin cells and dirt.

It increases blood circulation

If your manicure is done by a professional, you will surely receive a hand massage, this helps to improve blood circulation and mobility for the joints.

It gives you that extra dose of confidence

A fresh manicure helps you reach your best version. Nothing adds confidence like a well-polished manicure. Plus, your hands will feel softer, your feminine side will blossom, and you will even feel sexier.

Gets rid of hangnails

There’s nothing more annoying than skin sticking out on the sides of your nails. If you are natural nail biter you know what i’m talking about.

Regular manicure will help you prevent and get rid of the unpleasant hangnails.

Are you ready to feel and look at your best?

Getting a manicure is an act of self – love, schedule your session in Clinical Massage & Spa Aruba, the best place to get pampered.

aruba clinical massage and spa

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