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FloAdvisor #21: 5 Milk Benefits for the Skin

If you’re on a quest for smoother, more even-toned, and younger skin, milk is the answer.

Did you know that most of the skincare products are milk-based?

The reason is that milk is rich in B-vitamins, calcium, alpha hydroxy acids, and other potent nutrients which make it a powerful source of eternal beauty.

Want to know how?

These are 5 dermatologist approved milk benefits for the skin:

Keeps Acne Under Control

Milk removes excess oil, and helps skin dryness which naturally acts as an anti-acne agent. Remember that acne breakouts can derive from oiliness and dryness.

Exfoliates Skin Cells

It cleanses your skin removing all impurities. Thanks to lactic acid, excess dead cells off the skin’s surface goes away, revealing soft skin underneath.

Lightens Tans and Skin Tone

Milk has skin-lightening properties that help to get rid of unwanted tans, and darker skin tones. Applying raw milk topically should solve this problem.

Eliminates Dry Skin

Milk contains fat, water, and proteins that make of it the best moisturizer for your skin.

Repairs Aged Skin

It reduces wrinkles, and it helps retarding the aging signs, just like a magic potion.

Milk baths don’t sound so eccentric now that you know milk provides all the vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin, right?

Enjoy all the goodness of milk, and feel a brand new skin with a Honey and Milk Sugar Scrub at Clinical Massage & Spa Aruba.

aruba clinical massage and spa

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