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FloAdvisor #24: Pedicure, the gift for your feet

After being your vehicle day after day, your feet definitely need some love once in a while.
A good pedicure makes your feet look nice and pretty, but it also has incredible health benefits that will make you adore your feet even more.

Removes calluses on your feet

Calluses are caused by ill-fitting shoes or from consistently wearing high heels. That thick skin gives you an unsightly look and it can develop into an infection and hurt.
A foot scrub during your pedicure can help reduce the development of callus on your feet, making your skin look clean and silky.

Massages help reduce cellulite: TRUE.

A massage works to reduce cellulite by rolling and suctioning different parts of the body. This helps restore circulation, drain excess body fluid, redistribute fat cells, and plump up the skin.

All massages help reduce cellulite: FALSE.

In order to have a positive effect on cellulite, the massage technique used must be precise.
The lymphatic drainage massage aimed towards cellulite removal is harsher and more aggressive than the regular ones. It requires skilled therapists who know how much pressure to use, and in which direction to massage.
Deep-tissue massage also helps to combat cellulite.

Massages help prevent cellulite: TRUE

Yes! Massages can help to prevent further deterioration of the tissues by activating the cells and avoiding the accumulation of fat.

With a regular pedicure you can prevent unhealthy foot conditions, and make sure your feet and nails are always gorgeous and fungus free.

A pedicure is one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and useful spa treatments, make sure to have a professional pedicure in Clinical Massage & Spa Aruba to obtain the best results.

aruba clinical massage and spa

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