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  aruba clinical massage & spa

How a Massage Aruba Therapy Can Save Your Life —or Vacations

“Massage is one of the things that saved my life”
That’s what our guest on today’s blog said. An entrepreneur, and one of the world’s top leadership experts. Author of “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, “5 AM Club”, Have you read him? We refer to Robin Sharma. He has conquered us in his podcast The Mastery Sessions again. This time with a topic that he has titled: “The 2 Massage Protocol” where explains how he has saved his busy life through the following easy 3 Step routine:
  • Identify two blocks of time in the week
  • Take two 90-Minute Massage therapies
  • Enjoy and reinvigorate the body
As simple as you read, every single week he takes a massage without thinking that it is something indulgent. Indeed, it is an investment in his full creative expression, productivity, passion, and sustained good health. Don’t you think it is a good start to transform your life too? Or maybe get the perfect extension to enhance your Aruba vacations? Feel free to stop reading and go book At Casa del Mar or Playa Linda, your -maybe first- massage in years or life by keeping the Sharma Protocols. However, whether you want to keep learning about his experience or need more proof, take a look at the top benefits of massage therapy for his success.

How important is massage therapy for his success?

Usually, one of the immediate benefits of massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm. But thanks to “The 2 Massage Protocol” we share this shortlist inspired by Sharma experiences: Be so much more peaceful. You’re going to feel your stress levels decrease Less reactive. Have you thought about where you are? You’re in paradise! A Massage Aruba Therapy prompts the release of endorphins – the brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that produce feelings of well-being. Massage helps him get up early. Did you remember when we mentioned his 5 AM Club book at the beginning of the article? He explained how this therapy has helped him to reach that goal. Think faster! Thanks to heightened mental alertness Stay more creative! Creativity knocks on your idea’s door when you’re feeling good. Feel strong and increase joint mobility and flexibility Never be sick. Fitness, rest, nutrition, but massage is one of his secrets to prevent himself from getting sick. Massage Therapy especially helps your immune system [blog immune system link]. Feel amazing and relax! Here we are again. Are you finally ready to take a break and try how crucial and beneficial massage is?

Get this time for you!

Keep repeating these 3 Massage Aruba Therapy Steps every week for the next 30 days, and make a comparison: How do I feel before and after that? Just try connecting with your body! We are encouraging you to take this “challenging” decision because we want you to take a break and transform your life with new energy. This world needs more heroes like you, come see us At Casa del Mar or Playa Linda, you deserve it!

aruba clinical massage and spa

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