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Pain Management with Flo

Clinical Massage & Span was established in 2012 in Aruba to help those in pain.


Poor posture

Musculoskeletal Pain

Can be erased by comprehensively correcting postural imbalances and movement dysfunctions.

Our specialized techniques use advanced functional neurology and an expert understanding of bio-mechanics to restore physical balance and pain goes away.

How does Flo work?

After assessing the body, we neurologically recalibrate muscles, reset joints to their neutral resting position and stretch the tight adhesive fascia that distorts posture.

Florian’s Neuro-Ortho bodywork uses specialized neurological techniques paired with joint and tissue mobilization to revers the effects of chronic dysfunction.Work smarter and achieve balance, flexibility, stability and strength faster.

Doctors often find the neural tension that causes back and neck pain perplexing. Physical therapy, pain pills, shots and surgery are common medical solutions, but they usually don’t “fix” the problem.

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Body Treatment
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