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FloAdvisor #4: Reflexology: A foot massage?

It sounds silly, but it is a genuine doubt, we have lived it with our clients in many occasions, that is why this #FloFriday I dedicate it to foot Reflexology.

Our feet are connected to all body organs and systems through more than 7,000 nerve endings, for Traditional Chinese Medicine these connections are channels of body energy.

By applying pressure on specific areas of your foot, it eliminates energy blockages, making the organ or part of the body associated with that area healthier.

Particularly for back pain the points are the following:

  • The heel and the area around the ankles are associated with the lower back.
  • The upper back pain is reflected from the soles of the feet and the top of the feet, just below the base of the toes.
  • The spine is reflected on the inside edges of the feet.

Things you have to know…

A reflexology session lasts between 50 and 80 minutes.

The therapist will look for the “blocked” areas and then apply pressure techniques to improve the affected organs or associated pain parts.

It can be painful, but the pain will be while the therapist are working in the area, then it will disappear

So what do you say, are you up to get MORE THAN a simple foot massage?

aruba clinical massage and spa

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