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FloAdvisor #9: What does exfoliation do? A fresh skin, a radiant face

Clean, tonify, hydrate… and what happened with the exfoliation? After you have read this article, you will never forget in your hygiene routine to include exfoliation.

Yes! You read well! Hygiene, because many people only think of exfoliation on their faces, and yes, that is true, this is where exfoliation y mostly used. However, the rest of the body also benefits from exfoliation.

Skin protects us from the outside influences, strange substances. Through skin we also remove body toxins. Skin’s function is also to absorb:

  • It can absorb the sun so your body can produce vitamin D
  • Allows oxygenation of the epidermis to take place
  • Stimulates the lymph system
  • And a clean skin gives you a feeling of wellbeing

What does exfoliation do?

Exfoliation is a massage, preferably with natural substances, that gets rid of dead cells on your skin. With a daily wash you eliminate dirt and grit, but not the dead cells.

Dead cells accumulate in a layer which makes your skin more prone to marks and irritation. As a consequence, your skin will look dry, pale and lifeless.

Then, what shall we do? A weekly exfoliation will give you a deep cleaning of the skin, and the best of all, you will recover the shine on your skin and its flexibility, because of the renew epidermis.

The renewable of your dermis, after exfoliation, will make your skin look healthier with a gleam to it.

It does not matter whether you are woman or man, we all produce dead cells and exfoliation should be a routine for all.

Your skin can come back to life with papaya

You have to be careful when exfoliating your face and body. Do not use body exfoliators on your face; your face is more delicate.

An aggressive exfoliation can eliminate many protective epidermis cells, destroying your layer of collagen. A good choice is to use papaya, which can be applied on face and body.

Papaya is an exfoliator that dissolves keratin and destroys dead cells; it just “brings back to life” your skin. To wash your face with cooked papaya, morning and night, keeps away wrinkles (eating carrots too).

Papaya is excellent for all kinds of skin, also good for eczema and acne.

Exhibit a radiant skin, free of dead cells and totally fresh! Get a date for a complete exfoliation as soon as you can! Book now

aruba clinical massage and spa

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