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Do You Suffer From Office Syndrome? Find Out What It Is & How to Treat It

You must be wondering what office syndrome is about. And you’re not alone! In today’s fast-paced world, office work takes a lot of our time. And, consequently, people are suffering from Office Syndrome, commonly called “computer syndrome” or “occupational overuse syndrome.” This syndrome refers to symptoms brought on by spending extended periods in front of a computer or engaging in repetitive activities like typing or using a mouse.

What are the Causes of Office Syndrome?

Office Syndrome is commonly found in office workers who remain seated at a desk for six or more hours daily. And the current work-from-home situation can transform your work day into a 24/7 routine. This leads to a sedentary life that has negative effects on your body.

This desk-bound lifestyle can harm your spine and muscles as you adopt a poor posture. Repetitive movements and extended periods of sitting are the root causes of computer syndrome, which can result in musculoskeletal concerns and other health problems.

Next time you start working at your office or from home keep in mind these causes to avoid the typical symptoms!

What are the Symptoms of Office Syndrome?

The long hours of heavy work and unsuitable sitting result in painful and distressing symptoms that can reduce productivity. The signs of Office Syndrome can include, among others, weariness, numbness, tingling, eye dryness, depression, insomnia, fatigue, shoulder discomfort, neck pain, and headaches.

And sooner or later you can feel you’re living to work, rather than working to live. A word of advice! You need to change your lifestyle and not let passive life ruin your work.

Though quitting your job isn’t an option, there’re several ways to treat this syndrome’s symptoms.

The Benefits of Massage for Office Syndrome

Back, Neck, & Shoulder pain can affect your work routine, which you don’t want when you have commitments due.

Believe it or not! Massage therapy is one of the best treatments to get rid of the pain. And if you’re still unsure of when to take a massage, find out more in our article:

How Often Should You Get a Massage?

The good news is that our Flo’s Special Release (Back, Neck, and Shoulder) relieves pain and tension in your back, neck, and shoulders, the most affected areas in office workers. At this stage, you can find interesting this Step by Step on How to deal with Chronic Pain.

In addition to alleviating pain, this massage therapy improves circulation and reduces tight muscles and discomfort caused by Office Syndrome.

Flo’s Special Release (Back, Neck, and Shoulder) at Clinical Massage Aruba & Spa offers rapid muscle pain and tension relief by targeting specific muscle groups to ease soreness, tightness, and tension.

Get Relief From Pain and Tension!

The Therapeutic Treatment releases body aches and strains using forearms and elbows.

But wait, there’s more! You can also relax and relieve pain by choosing other massage therapies at Clinical Massage Aruba & Spa. You can start by joining an Aromatherapy massage and let the essential oil with special massage techniques boost your relaxation and decrease muscle pain.

Another massage therapy that can help you relax your muscles is Hot Stone Therapy.

Read our article and find out more about these massage therapies:

How to naturally get rid of neck and shoulder pain

All these massage therapies can keep the pain and tension accumulated from a busy work routine.

Say goodbye to office syndrome symptoms and improve your work life and productivity with our massage therapies at Clinical Massage Aruba & Spa. Book your appointment today!


aruba clinical massage and spa

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